Sami Hernandez


Fleet Saves The Prince

Children's Book /

Fleet found love with Prince Gabe. All seems fine, until the day he's kidnapped! What will she do? Go off to save him, of course!

Hatchlings: A Coloring Book Anthology

Anthology /

Hatchlings is a gorgeous educational coloring book celebrating nesting birds of North America. Designed to appeal to both coloring enthusiasts and birders, each of the 36 illustrations feature nesting birds with their young, accompanied by original text. Hatchlings features original work from some of the leading natural science illustrators in North America. As you color, you'll learn about the unique characteristics of each bird.

Adorably Spooky: Inktober 2019

Art book collection /

Join an adorable cat's journey through the days of October as they encounter creatures, monsters, and other beings that lurk in the night. Created for Inktober, these ink ilustrations show a more sweet and adorable side of the typically spooky month of October.

All Along the Atlantic

Anthology /

All Along the Atlantic is an educational coloring book celebrating the stunning array of life on the North Atlantic coast, from plankton to the largest animals to ever live on Earth. Each entry is accompanied with informative text, so you'll learn about unique coastal habitats and key species as your color. This anthology contains over 45 original illustrations by leading natural science illustrators.


Twenty-five percent of the proceeds support North Carolina Coastal Federation, a non-profit empower people to protect and restore water quality and critically important natural habitats of the North Carolina coast.